Selah Technique Sessions - Breathe Better.


Training the respiratory system to optimise health, wellbeing and performance.


  • Respiratory system training - strengthen respiratory muscles, improve posture, proprioception and interoceptive awareness.
  • Breathwork coaching - improve cognative function, optimise performance.
  • Personalised parasympathetic programs - decrease stress, improve recovery.
  • Real time tools to navigate the Stress - Calm Continuum with control.
  • Parasympathetic skills training - skillful recovery for stressed and performance driven bodies.
  • Postural and breath pattern assessments and correction - uncover and re-pattern chronic stress in your diaphragm, correct dysfunctional breathing.
  • Selah Technique coaching and workshops in Breath > Bridge > Body + Brain > Balance.


Selah VI - Promoting physical and emotional wellbeing


Creating emotional balance and wellbeing through developing the human processes of self regulation.


• Workshops in the MASC Program provides strategy that contains clear steps to assist in self - regulating emotions within a motivational framework.


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